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Eric Fokke, Journalism & Photography

The Lofoten Islands, that's midnight sun and northern lights. Fish and sturdy boats. Grey/black mountains rise from the deep blue ocean high into the sky. At their feet there are small wooden fishing villages where cod dries on racks. Eagles circle above schools of herring, driven to the coast by killer whales. Otters on the rocks chew on the fish and crabs they just caught. The Norwegian archipelago the Lofoten, located above the Arctic Circle, is considered among the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. On this website photographer Eric Fokke shows why.

A few more days and the sun won't set anymore. This weekend the sun is for two hours under the horizon at night. The birds around the house have been singing day and night for a while. It is now wonderful and quiet on the islands. We are in between the increasingly popular northern lights season and summer. April/May is a period not yet discovered by many tourists.

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