Feriehus Lofoten

Feriehus Lofoten

Northern lights, polar light, aurora

Feriehus Lofoten

Feriehus Lofoten

Much more about the holiday house Lofoten at www.vakantiehuislofoten.nl (Dutch only)

Feriehus Lofoten

Dreams come true

Eagles and otters in the 'garden'. In winter the northern lights swings across the sky above the house. In the summer, the midnight sun and clouds provide a fascinating shadow play on the mountains across the turquoise sea current. In our holiday houses on the Lofoten Islands dreams come true.

Our houses on the island Vestvågøy are situated on the banks of the Gimsøystraumen. They are just between Leknes and Svolvaer, the two main villages on the Lofoten Islands, each with a small airfield. From our houses one can explore the Lofoten Islands with wonderful daytrips. Hikers walk straight from the houses into the mountains. The Valbergsveien, where the house is located, is popular with cyclists.

In front of the houses otters play along the shore. In summers, on windless days, one can spot porpoises. Some days clouds of gulls are hunting schools of fish.

The range of birds on the water varies with the seasons from mergansers to puffins and from white billed divers to kingeiders. White tailed eagles always fly around, golden eagles soar occasionally over the house. Grouses are often in the garden. In winter, on clear nights, the northern lights or aurora borealis rages regularly through the sky while the boats of herring and cod fishers passing by.

A short distance from the house fishing boats are for hire, excursions can be made with horses and it's a fifteen minute drive to the golf course where in summer the game is also played at night while the midnight sun passes.

The blue house is from 1949 and in the spring of 2012 we made it to a very pleasant and cozy place to spend a holiday. It has two floors. On the first floor is the fully renovated bathroom, a hallway, living room and kitchen. On the second floor are three bedrooms: a large one with two beds, a smaller one with two beds and small one with one bed. All in all, there's place for five people. There is free internet (wifi), an iPoddock and Apple tv.

The yellow house is from 1954 and we have completely rebuilt  it in 2016/2017. It has two floors, with on the first a large bathroom, kitchen and living room with large window and veranda that provides a spectacular view of the Gimsøystraumen. On the second floor four bedrooms, one large with two beds, a smaller one with two beds and two smaller rooms with one bed each. All in all place for six guests. Regardless of who the land is one can walk around freely.

We live a few hundred meters from the houses and are always willing to give advice for daytrips and tell the latest news about birds, whales and other animals.


People often ask what is the best season to visit the Lofoten islands. It just depends on what someone is looking for. The Lofoten Islands are a beautiful destination all year round, all seasons have their charm. We could not choose and decided to live here.

In January shoals of herring pass by, followed by humpback and killer whales. They are sometimes visible from the shoreline with binoculairs. February and March give a beautiful layer of snow. In April the spring begins carefully and the first breeding birds fly in while the winter guests are leaving. From mid-May to mid-July, the sun never sets and the nights are dominated by the midnight sun. Autumn creates beautiful colors and light. From early December to early January, the sun never rises above the horizon. It is not completely dark. The sun slides just below the horizon and colors the sky beautiful pink to deep, dark blue.

More and more people want to see northern lights (also called aurora borealis and polarlight). On the Lofoten from September to mid-April the nights are dark enough to experience Aurora borealis. The sky must be clear and whether the phenomenon occurs, depends, among others, on activities on the sun.  

At very low activity the northern lights are visible low on the horizon a few kilometers drive from our houses. Already a moderate aurora is simply to admire from the stairs or the garden of the houses. We constantly keep an eye on websites that display the current activity and we inform our guests. We give advice for the most beautiful and best places to see and/or photograph northern lights.


Our houses are for rent all year. The blue house, one week, seven nights, cost 6500 Norwegian krones. Extra nights are 1100 NOK. For five nights the price is 1200 NOK a night. For a shorter period, prices on request. In June, July and August the house is 7500 krones per week. Prices include internet (wifi), electricity and linen.

With more than two adults we charge 100 NOK per additional guest per night.

The yellow house is 7500 and 8500 in summer time. The deposit is 1200 NOK or 150 euro, to be paid upon arrival. Please send an EMAIL for more information.


In addition we can deliver supplementary services. Some or all meals can be arranged (200 NOK per person) - Bettina is a fantastic cook. Eric is for hire as a guide or help with photographing. The rate depends of what and when and the groupe size. Those additionals should be discussed in advance.

For those who don't want to carry to much luggage we rent out tripods for camera's and possibly more equipment like a wide angle lens for northernlights for Canon.

For small groups with special whishes, photo tours for example, we can do an offer.


Bettina and Eric Fokke

The yellow house without balcony, but it's there now